Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Welcome 2 Viberia!

You are now in my world! Looking forward to sharing a lot of news with yall on my new blog! A lot is going on in Viberia (5 miles from Georgiavania) and the world should be aware! Strap on your set belts! We're bout to blast off!!!!


  1. its wicked to be in your world,been listening to the owl track looping for an hour or so and i aint bored yet.........this really reminds me of the awsesome Jon HAssell and this is high praise...I came across you initially as a random grab off the pirate bay and was impressed,and u pooped up on facebook so I am going to play this next chance i get 2 dj as Towerblockrockers.thats soon check my wall on facebook>george symington/glasgow.this one will run and run................peace

  2. Thank you Georgee!

    Glad you are enjoying your experience here. This is what it's all about. Spread the word and become a official resident of Viberia :)

    Much luv