Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hello planet

I thought I should tell y'all what's been going on. I know I've been missing in action (unless you are on twitter and facebook). I've been getting hit up by fans and promoters alike asking me to come to their cities. I really do appreciate the fact that you want to see me live. I haven't gigged in a while because I really put my foot down. I got tired of doing what I really didn't want to do. If I'm not feeling something I won't put my heart in it and it's not fair to my audience. I'm in a different place since 2008. My real focus is to create and produce projects. It's hard to be in front and behind the scenes at the same time. I have a son and a family that need my time and I don't care to be a "superstar" touring the world like that. I've had my taste. When I was younger that was a different story but my priorities have shifted with my growth. I'm not saying I will NEVER gig again, I'm just saying I'm not in that head space and it's already been 3 years since I've felt this way. This is why there hasn't been a new SBM album or a JJ vocal album in a while. I was blessed to be able to share the stage with some of the biggest acts in the game. Those were some of the best times in my life!!! Believe it!


The better news is that I'm still making some interesting and very creative music over here. I can't help but to keep pushing. Long time fans know this about me. I'm working with some serious people right now. I'm reinventing myself and switching up my approach to music. I've been critically acclaimed for my work and I'm super happy that I've contributed my part to the industry in a positive way! It's FAR from over too! I have an album that I've produced that will be out this year with one of the dopest artists out there! I really think this record will change my life for real. It already has actually! I have some amazing guests too! I truly can't wait for it to drop! I'm under a "gag order" for lack of better words so I can't really go deep into it! Just know that it is IN-FRIGGIN-CREDIBLE!!!!!

I'm really really thankful for those that stuck with me through the years! I hope I've proven to be consistent with the bangers! I have no choice really! I can't help but be super hard and critical on myself so It HAS to be BANGING! Well I'm going back into my creative hole. I'll be on FB and twitter of course, until the beast comes out! For the record, I will be making secret appearances still. You never know where I might be but you WILL see a bit of me when the collaborative album drops!

K world! Dr Who Dat is signing out!! WE'RE ON A BEAT JOURNEY LET'S GO!!!!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Letter To The Better

Giving you heads up! I'm In the lab inventing new sounds. About to take a new and different approach in how I produce music. Abandoning all past preset software/hardware for a while. Shedding skin. I'm in a different place. People still tripping off of my old stuff. I give thanks. I really hope you guys will give me the space to keep growing. I need that. :-) It will allow me to give you my best and my purist. Not recycling styles. I've been told I'm one of the godfathers of Wonky! Is that really a compliment? lol. No but it's cool to get props and some recognition since I have done what I do for some time now. I have grown to understand my style more and more. Now I want to switch it once again. Yes AGAIN! My life has changed in many ways. My living space, My interest. my love life etc... Now that I am 35 years young, I reflect back on my career. I haven't had a day job since early 2003. I am very thankful to the creator and to all of you that support my music. I am now shedding old skin. Washing it off. Washing all the dust and remnants off. This is in a personal and musical way. On that note, I'm giving it a year for my new experiments to finally see the light on Lex Records. I will be releasing some newer music this year as you already hear on Android Love Mayhem . Some more joints and one other album will be coming very soon. I just needed to get it out the way. I want to share with all of you. Grow with me y'all. Thank you so much if you have read this loooooooooong little letter to you. My supporters. I hate the word fan! Thank you! The real folks that support me. I'm not talking about groupies! I'm talking about the ones that really love this! Not about status or anything else. Purely about music. When I die, I want everyone that knows me to remember me as the REALEST cat they've ever known. I don't know how to be anything else. Love y'all. Even love my enemies. Thanks for reading. One hunned!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

World Premiere - Big new Jneiro Jarel track!

Here is a sneak peek of the next level EP "Android Love Mayhem" released on Jarel's label, Label Who! Yall probably heard it being played @ the Low End Theory party by Samiyam or Ras G. Maybe you heard it on Mary Anne Hobbs' dope radio show! Maybe you just weren't hooked up with the new sonic as we all would love to be!! Well here it is! We were able to get the 8 song tracklist too! I'm sure you've noticed that it starts with track #14 but that's because this was supposed to be on Beyond 2morrow, released in 2009. Now here is your chance to witness the future sounds. Make sure you're the 1st to buy it when it drops on April 13th! Instead of us here in Viberia hyping it all up, we will let the music speak for itself! Spread the word!! Okay okay! Let me stop frontin'!! This is DOOOOOOOOOOPE!!!!

14- Black Hole
15- Swift Hovercrafts Feat. Dr Who Dat?
16- Lurk (Part 2)
17- Android Romance 1 & 2
18- Going Home Featuring Micah Gaugh
19- Gosohaurd
20- Black Blocks (ElectroSonicFreeRoboticS)
21- Shadoze

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is this the 1st hip hop LP that glows in the dark??

Next up is Ehquestionmark (Lex visual artist duo)! My extended Label Who family Lex Records are well known for having some of the most amazing album art on the planet. They have blessed myself, MFDOOM, Danger Mouse etc.... I'm very glad that they have contributed to my works! I love everything that they've ever done, pretty much. ESPECIALLY my SBM (Shape of Broad Minds) album cover!! Take a look .


I talk a little about them in my Big Up Mag interview.
If you would like to read more on Ehquestionmark just click the image. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Canvas + Joshua Mays = Eye Dessert

If you know anything about Jneiro Jarel you know that he loves art of all sorts! Naturally he would have amazing Joshua Mays as a regular contributor to his collections. Joshua did the US version artwork of Three Piece Puzzle and some of the inside art of Dr Who Dat's Beat Journey along with Ehquestionmark. Dude is simply sick. He is officially a Label Who artist and we are proud to have him on our team for many years now. Check out some of his work below. You should also go to his website Enjoy Viberians!

Click Pictures to go to Joshua's website.



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