Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Letter To The Better

Giving you heads up! I'm In the lab inventing new sounds. About to take a new and different approach in how I produce music. Abandoning all past preset software/hardware for a while. Shedding skin. I'm in a different place. People still tripping off of my old stuff. I give thanks. I really hope you guys will give me the space to keep growing. I need that. :-) It will allow me to give you my best and my purist. Not recycling styles. I've been told I'm one of the godfathers of Wonky! Is that really a compliment? lol. No but it's cool to get props and some recognition since I have done what I do for some time now. I have grown to understand my style more and more. Now I want to switch it once again. Yes AGAIN! My life has changed in many ways. My living space, My interest. my love life etc... Now that I am 35 years young, I reflect back on my career. I haven't had a day job since early 2003. I am very thankful to the creator and to all of you that support my music. I am now shedding old skin. Washing it off. Washing all the dust and remnants off. This is in a personal and musical way. On that note, I'm giving it a year for my new experiments to finally see the light on Lex Records. I will be releasing some newer music this year as you already hear on Android Love Mayhem . Some more joints and one other album will be coming very soon. I just needed to get it out the way. I want to share with all of you. Grow with me y'all. Thank you so much if you have read this loooooooooong little letter to you. My supporters. I hate the word fan! Thank you! The real folks that support me. I'm not talking about groupies! I'm talking about the ones that really love this! Not about status or anything else. Purely about music. When I die, I want everyone that knows me to remember me as the REALEST cat they've ever known. I don't know how to be anything else. Love y'all. Even love my enemies. Thanks for reading. One hunned!



  1. Hi Jneiro! I would consider myself a supporter of you. This is interesting news to hear, but not surprising. You have had different styles in the past, so it only makes sense that you continue evolving. My ears will be waiting for you new tunes!

  2. I Love your music! Big smile from Holland!